PowerLuber® 12V NiCad grease gun

The standard 12-volt PowerLuber grease gun is powerful, generating up to 6000 psi of operating pressure. The battery recharges in only one hour and lasts long enough to dispense as much as 3 tubes of grease against 1,000 psi back pressure. It’s perfect for hard to reach fittings. It relieves worker fatigue and speeds up routine lubrication tasks. Lube capacity is 16 oz . bulk and 14 .5 oz cartridge.

PowerLuber pack and accessories

Model 1242
Comes complete with:

  • 110-volt fast charger (Model 1210)
  • 12-volt NiCad rechargeable battery (Model 1201)
  • 30" high-pressure flex hose with spring guard (Model 1230)
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent motor damage
  • Accessible clean out check to prevent potential priming problems
  • Protective carrying case

Model 1244

Includes the same content as Model 1242 plus a second 12v NiCad (Model 1201) rechargeable battery for uninterrupted lube application. (Model 1801).

Model 1240
Economy packed without carrying case. Includes one 12-volt rechargeable battery (Model 1201) and battery charger (Model 1210).

Model 1200

PowerLuber and battery only.

PowerLuber Accessories

Model 1201 12-Volt NiCad battery

12V NiCad rechargeable battery for 1200 series PowerLubers

Model 1210 12V charger

110-volt one-hour fast charger for use with battery pack 1201. 6 ft. cord; UL/ULC listed.

Model 1215A charger

One hour charger for use in vehicles and heavy equipment using 12V or 24V DC outlets. For use with both Lincoln model 1201 (12v NiCad) battery pack.

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