PowerLuber® 18V lithium-ion grease gun

Lincoln introduces the most advanced grease gun on the market. The new Li Ion Series offers far more than just extended run times. This powerful grease gun includes a multi-function LCD with many features including an easy to understand readout showing how much lubricant is being dispensed to prevent over lubricating and wasting grease.

  • LCD – Quantity of grease dispensed, quantity of grease remaining in cartridge, battery charge level, stall indicator, operation symbol
  • LED lights up hard to locate fittings when under equipment or in the shade
  • New 18V low-interference, high-performance motor
  • New HD pump casting
  • New motor protection design includes self-resetting thermal switch and front relief valve
  • 2-speed transmission
  • New longer 36 inch high-pressure hose
  • New non-clog air-purge valve for immediate prime
  • Bulk filler valve
  • Accessible clean-out check to prevent potential priming problems

18V lithium ion features and benefits          

PowerLuber pack and accessories

Model 1862
Packed in a convenient heavy-duty carrying case molded from impact- and stain-resistant plastic.Model 1862 comes complete with the 18v Li Ion PowerLuber and battery (Model 1861), a 110v one-hour charger (Model 1850) and a 36" high-pressure flex hose with spring guard (Model 1236).

Model 1864

Includes the same content as Model 1862 plus a second 18v Li Ion rechargeable battery (Model 1861).

PowerLuber accessories

Model 1861 18V lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion technology is powerful and efficient, delivering an even flow of energy and eliminating the slowdown associated with NiCad, while offering three times the charge cycles. 3.0 high-amp Li Ion slide-on battery.

Model 1850 18V charger

One hour high-output 110V AC charger.

Model 1855A charger

One hour charger for use in vehicles and heavy equipment using 12V or 24V DC outlets.

Model 1236 hose

36" high-pressure hose with spring guards.

For more information, visit PowerLuber.com.