PowerLuber® 20V lithium-ion grease gun

Lincoln has introduced the most advanced grease gun in its class-- the new 20-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber.

Driven by a redesigned, high-torque gearset, the two-speed motor delivers grease at up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) in both high- and low-output settings. The multifunction liquid crystal display (LCD) accurately provides standard readings such as battery level and grease flow (ounces or grams).

The rugged grease gun’s new three-point base keeps the tool upright and stable for easy handling without being bulky. This feature allows access to tight areas and reduces operator fatigue when lubricating simple-to-reach fittings.

  • Powerful 20-volt motor
  • Planetary gear drive
  • Machined and hardened piston
  • 2" final drive needle bearings
  • Plated steel barrel with exclusive flip-over follower
  • Locking follower rod
  • Accessible check valve
  • Bleeder valve
  • Outlet opening 7/16" UNEF
  • Threaded opening (1/8" NPT) for filler nipple (not included)

20V lithium ion features and benefits

PowerLuber pack and accessories

Model 1882
The PowerLuber Model 1882 comes outfitted with a heavy-duty carrying case designed to withstand even the harshest punishment.

Comes complete with:

  • AC charger (Model 1870)
  • One 20 volt LiIon rechargeable battery (Model 1871)
  • 36" flex hose with spring guard (Model 1236)
  • Custom carrying case designed to hold optional rechargeable battery and two optional grease cartridges (grease not included)

Model 1884
Top of the line. The 1884 has everything for the serious professional. The kit includes everything from the 1882 kit plus a second rechargeable battery. 

Model 1880
The 1880 is economy packed without the custom carrying case. Includes battery charger and one rechargeable battery.

PowerLuber accessories

Model 1871 20V lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion technology is powerful and efficient, delivering an even flow of energy and eliminating the slowdown associated with NiCad, while offering three times the charge cycles.

Model 1870 20V charger

One hour high-output 110V AC charger.

Model 1875A charger

One hour charger for use in vehicles and heavy equipment using 12 or 24V DC outlets.

For more information, visit PowerLuber.com.