Used fluid systems and fuel caddies

When you're draining oil or other fluids from vehicles and other machinery, you want to make sure you do the work efficiently and safely. Lincoln offers a full selection of drains, pressurized evacuation units, and more!

System description:
Installed Fluid Evacuation and Disposal Systems

Lincoln installed systems provide the fast, profitable, safe way to get rid of waste oils and other fluids when gravity draining is not possible or practical.

Suction Guns

Holds up to 18 ounces of fluid. Precision follower fitted to barrel for superior suction and is impervious to oil, grease and water.

Mityvac Fluid Evacuation Equipment

Mityvac portable fluid evacuation units are designed for convenient evacuation of fluids from virtually any type of reservoir or tank.

Standard oil drains

The traditional method for handling used oil and fluids allows gravity to drain fluids from vehicle(s) into a portable or mobile fluid drain These fluids are then gravity fed into a used fluid storage tank.

Truck oil drains

Ideal drains for RV, truck, heavy equipment maintenance, repair, and more.

Pressurized evacuation drains

The “Drain & Pressurize” method employs the benefits of the drain & evacuate system without an evacuation pump— the fluid drain is pressurized to evacuate the used fluid.

Collection and transfer equipment accessories


  • Work efficiently and safely
  • Full selection of drains, pressurized evacuation units, filter crushers and more

Mityvac MVA6852 fluid extractor/dispenser
SKF today announced the introduction of its Mityvac brand MVA6852 fluid extractor/dispenser. Complementing its line of proven fluid transfer equipment, Mityvac’s versatile MVA6852 is suitable for a variety of fluid exchange applications in vehicle service, general industry and marine uses. 

The syringe-action tool features a large, 1.5-liter fluid reservoir, twist-valve and dual-seal piston. The MVA6852 is simple to use and will not leak. It also is serviceable and easy to disassemble. In addition to the MVA6852 extractor/dispenser, a complimentary MVA7218 rubber ATF adapter connector is included in the packaging. This adapter enables the MVA6852 to be connected to MVA5800 ATF refill kit adapters.

The MVA6852 was developed to fulfill capacity needs that are between Mityvac’s MVA6851 200-cubic-centimeter extractor and the multiple large-volume Mityvac extraction or fluid dispensing systems. Potential vehicle service uses for the tool include fluid transfer from master cylinders, power steering fluid reservoirs, transaxles, coolant reservoirs, diesel fuel filters and cylinders.