Installed Fluid Evacuation and Disposal Systems

Lincoln installed systems provide the fast, profitable, safe way to get rid of waste oils and other fluids when gravity draining is not possible or practical.

System description:

Don’t waste valuable time waiting on gravity to empty waste oil drains. Lincoln installed systems provide the fast, profitable, safe way to get rid of waste oils and other fluids when gravity draining is not possible or practical. Quickly pump out fluids from rolling drain pans, portable oil drains, differentials and transaxles.

Lincoln's Basic Fluid Evacuation and Disposal System features a 1" U.L. Listed corrosion-resistant aluminum double-diaphragm pump that creates a powerful suction to drain used fluids quickly, and transfers them though a completely enclosed system to any type of remote storage tank. Provides clean, safe disposal of waste fluids with no drips, no spills.

Pump is air-operated and can be easily mounted on any convenient wall surface. One basic system can service multiple bays with the addition of hardware.

Basic Fluid Evacuation Pumping System

Model 4100(1)

Includes rugged, heavy-duty, 1" U.L. Listed air-operated double diaphragm self-priming pump 84811, 1" x 5' fluid hose 237105, 3' air hose 72036, airline filter 600104(1), lubricator 600204(1), regulator 600004(1), 3/4" x 5' fluid inlet hose 68620 and other air couplings for easy outlet installation. Note: Include 1, 241408(1) couple and 1, 241409(1) nipple per receiver.


Model 4105(1) Portable Drain Adapter Kit

Includes 1"x7" suction hose 237105, quick disconnect coupler 241408(1), nipple 241409(1) and mounting hardware for hookup to side part of 16-gal. drum 66493 or truck oil rain 84714.


Model 4110(1) Differential & Transaxle Kit

Includes suction hose, fittings and two interchangeable wands for all vehicle makes and models that allow you to drain fluids through plug openings.


Model 84700(1) Rolling Drain Pan

Designed for pit installation, 30-gallon capacity 84700(1) features quarter-turn ball valve drain on front or back of unit for multiple drain hook-up 1 1/2" NPT. Infinite-adjustable axles fits pits 36" to 49 1/2" wide. Polyurethane wheels for smooth, quiet operation, dust cap, chain and splash guard assemblies included.


Model 92572 Splash Guard Assembly

Included with 84700(1) drain pan. Mounts to either side to deflect oil from side draining engine oil pans.


Model 85255 Wall Mount Bracket

Wall mount bracket for 1/4" to 1/2" air-operated diaphragm pumps


Model 84817 Wall Mount Bracket

Wall mount bracket for 1/2" to 2" air-operated diaphragm pumps


Used Fluid Overfill Warning Valves

Float rises with used fluid to activate "whistle" warning at prescribed level.


Model 84815 Single Wall

For single wall tanks & drums in used fluid systems and above ground tanks


Model 84824 Double Wall

Same as 84815 except for double walled tanks and above ground tanks.


Model 84816 4-way Valve

Four port, two position valve used in waste fluid system. Enables one pump to pump into and out of drum or tank.





Model 4100

Model 4100(1)

Model 4105

Model 4105(1)

Model 4110

Model 4110(1)

Model 84700

Model 84700(1)

Model 84815

Model 84815

Model 84816

Model 84816

Model 84817

Model 84817

(1) California Proposition 65: Click here to read the full warning.