Pressurized evacuation drains

The “Drain & Pressurize” method employs the benefits of the drain & evacuate system without an evacuation pump— the fluid drain is pressurized to evacuate the used fluid.

System description:


Utilizing a relatively new concept in used fluid handling the “Drain & Pressurize” method employs the benefits of the drain & evacuate system without an evacuation pump—the fluid drain is pressurized to evacuate the used fluid.

Model 3624 26-gallon tank

Pressurized waste oil tank and bowl made from high-strength polyethylene—no dents or corrosion. Built-in oil filter drain, tool tray and sight gauge. Very stable and easy to maneuver. Includes pop-off valve and fixed air regulator for safety. Compatible with all lubrication fluids.

Model 3614(1) 20-gallon tank

This new model simplifies the used fluid evacuation process by allowing the technician to drain, transfer and evacuate used oils with virtually no chance of spillage. Extra large 18-inch offset bowl easily catches fluid without repositioning the tank. Telescopic (44 to 72 inch range) bowl height adjustment allows for greater flexibility.

The low profile design is extremely stable and easy to maneuver. Large 20-gallon (75 capacity averages 15-20 vehicles before tank evacuation. Special valve design allows evacuation with bowl set at any height.

Model 3630 series used fluid drains

Lincoln’s 3630 series of portable used fluid collection equipment offers solid construction and outstanding features that set them apart from the competition.
All three models feature a 25 gallon (95 liter) welded-steel tank supported by heavy-duty 4 in. (102 mm) swivel casters and 6 in. (150 mm) fixed-axle
wheels. Emptying the tanks requires only shop air and a standard tire chuck.

Model 3635 gravity drain has a portable upright configuration commonly used for collecting fluids under lift-mounted vehicles. It offers a 15 in. (381 mm) offset funnel that includes a removable filter screen and wide-mouth extension that increases the diameter to 24 in. (610 mm). Height is adjustable from 51 to 76 in. (1,3 to 1,9 m), not including the extension.

Model 3637(1) used fluid evacuator utilizes a powerful compressed-air-operated venture to quickly extract fluids from reservoirs or directly through a dipstick tube. Simply attach shop air to charge the tank, attach one of the six choices of wands, insert the wand and open the valve.

Model 3639(1) combination used fluid drain and evacuator combines the features of the 36359(1) drain and 3637(1) evacuator into a single unit, giving operators the choice to collect fluids by gravity from lift-mounted vehicles or using a venturi to extract fluids directly from reservoirs or through a dipstick tube.


Model 3601(1) value series oil drain

The Model 3601(1) offers excellent mobility, easy bowl positioning, and simple to use pressurized evacuation. The tank construction is an all steel design with automated weld seams and reinforced castor supports for durability and dependability.

The large 14 inch telescoping bowl is easily adjusted from 45 to 72 inches.

(1) California Proposition 65: Click here to read the full warning.