Truck oil drains

Ideal drains for RV, truck, heavy equipment maintenance, repair, and more.

System description:


Models 3665(1), 3667(1), and 3669(1) Truck drains

Lincoln now offers a professional alternative to lifting heavy vehicles during fluid changes. Models 3665(1), 3667(1) and 3669(1) truck drains offer a low-profile design that can be easily positioned under high-clearance vehicles for capturing used fluids including motor oil, coolant and transmission fluid.

All three models feature a 17-gallon (65 liter) capacity reservoir molded from robust, lightweight high-impact polypropylene and mounted on four 4 inch (100 mm) diameter swivel casters. The drains offer a choice of three discharge methods.

Model 84714 20-gallon cart

Ideal oil drain for RV, truck, heavy equipment maintenance and repair. Low profile, large 20-gallon capacity cart. 42" T-handle for easy cart positioning. Used-oil transfer by either gravity or suction evacuation. Order drain valve or suction evacuation pump and fluid couplings separately.

Two stationary rear wheels and one front wheel caster with grab handle for ease of under vehicle positioning. Metal grating, two baffles and continuous side splash guards to prevent oil spillage during vehicle draining and cart movement.

Maximum height is 8.65".

(1) California Proposition 65: Click here to read the full warning.