Lubrication Fittings and Accessories

The very best lube fittings for every application and all the accessories you need to complete your system installation.

System description:

Lincoln lube fittings are used by automobile, agricultural, truck, construction equipment and machine manufacturers by the millions every year.

How Do Fittings Work?

The ball check in the head of the fitting prevents dirt and grit from getting to the bearing. The true spherical contour of the fitting head provides a natural ball and socket joint between the fitting and any commercial hydraulic coupler common to grease guns and grease transfer pump assemblies.

Full Line of Fittings

Our line consists of common threaded, thread-forming, drive type, stainless steel, pressure relief, standard button head and vent fittings.

Remote Lube Fitting

Systems Hard-to-reach fittings present a major maintenance problem for proper care of all types of machinery. To eliminate these problems, install Lincoln Remote Lube Fittings Systems.

Installation Components

Whether installing automated lubrication systems, heavy-duty pump stations or remote lube fittings, you'll need the right accessories to do the job right.

Specialty tube fittings, sleeves, couplers and adapters. Supply hose and material hose. Feed line hose and fittings. Hose repair kits, pipe fittings and Aircare® airline filter, lubricator regulators (FRLs) will help you complete the installation of your next system with confidence.

  • Installing Lincoln accessories with Lincoln systems guarantees a perfect fit for every application
  • Our systems house installers and other professionals use only Lincoln accessories, ensuring effective system performance

Thermal Pressure Relief Device
Managers of vehicle service centers can now turn to our new thermal pressure relief device to protect against possible damage to their closed pipe systems caused by thermal expansion. For example, as oil warms, it expands and causes pressure—sometimes oil that was 300 psi becomes 2,000 to 3,000 psi.

Such pressure spikes can cause costly damage if they exceed the design capacity of pipes and system components. Our pressure relief valve returns fluid/material back to the tank, limiting the pressure to protect the system.