Freight Line
Lincoln offers a wide range of solutions for freight applications needing gauge face or top-of-rail lubricators.

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Freight Line Lubricators

Developed specifically to meet the needs of Class 1 railroad applications, Lincoln freight line lubricators are efficient, robust and easy to maintain. Each system represents more than 200 years of combined SKF and Lincoln friction management experience in a broad range of demanding environments.

Freight line lubricator advantages:

• Rust-proof and leak-proof polyethylene reservoir with unique, dual-tank design to reduce the risk of trackside spills 

• Proven, high-pressure applicator bars provide precise and even distribution of a wide range of materials

• Equipped with oversized, 190-watt solar panel mounted on square tubing with breakaway bolts for security; panel is easy to install and provides power even in lowlight conditions

• Bar and wheel sensor clamps feature slotted shim design for simple adjustment

• “Brick” magnetic wheel sensor has quick disconnect and armored cable for added protection





Gauge Face Bar






Top-of-Rail Bar



Solar Panel



Wheel Sensor